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    Wellington Point UV Index:

    About UV Radiation
    The sun produces different types of radiation, visible light (that we see as sunlight), infrared radiation (we feel as heat) and ultraviolet (UV) radiation that can't be seen or felt. People often confuse visible light, and infrared radiation with UV radiation. In fact, even when the temperature is cool it doesn't necessarily mean less UV radiation.

    The three types of UV radiation are:
    - UVA (most common) which doesn't cause sunburn, but can cause longer term DNA (cell) damage, and skin cancer.
    - UVB which causes sunburn, DNA damage and skin cancer, but provides us with important Vitamin D. Ozone stops most UVB from reaching the earth's surface.
    - UVC which is the most dangerous type of UV and is completely absorbed by the Ozone layer so that none reaches the earth's surface.

    UV levels vary depending on factors such as the time of day, time of year, latitude, cloud cover, ozone cover, and reflection from surfaces. When the UV index is greater than or equal to 3, sun protection is recommended.
    The Data
    WillyWeather sources its UV information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The NOAA is the US Government agency that forecasts global weather, similar to the Bureau of Meteorology but many times larger. UV forecasts are updated every 24 hours. To see when the last UV forecast was issued and when the next UV forecast will be issued, please see the text beneath the graph.
      Wellington Point UV forecast issued yesterday at: 4:11am / Next forecast today around: 4:11am
      All UV forecast times have been adjusted for daylight saving where and when applicable

      Hourly Wellington Point Ultraviolet Radiation:

      The Data
      This graph depicts the Wellington Point UV forecast over 24 hours. Roll your mouse over the graph to view data at specific points in time. See the help button on the top graph for more information on the sources for Wellington Point UV data.
      Today's UV Index
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      High risk of harm from unprotected sun exposure
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      6 hours
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